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George W. Bush

FULL NAME: George Walker Bush 

LIFESPAN: 67+ years (1946 – ) 

TERM: 43rd President (R) 2001 – 2009

SOCIABLE - able to converse and connect well with others; comfortable and agreeable in company; enjoying the company and interactions of others; friendly, personable, popular. 

Sociable leaders genuinely enjoy the company of others and seek opportunities to interact and become involved. Comfortable in crowds or one-on-one, they benefit from the energy of others and enjoy sharing experiences and trading ideas. Sociable leaders encourage discussion and debate, and prefer working with a team over working alone.


ASSERTIVE - confident and able to take charge without hesitation; aggressive and decisive in decision-making and in executing plans; self-assured, bold, confident, influential. 

Assertive leaders are not afraid to make tough decisions and to take charge in difficult situations. Bold and confident, they don’t wait to see what others will do, but instead take initiative to act now. Assertive leaders appreciate action and use their position and influence to get things done quickly.


RESOLUTE - firmly resolved in purpose, direction, or opinion; unwavering, determined, focused, steadfast, firm, loyal. 

Resolute leaders are firmly decided on a course of action and are not easily deterred from that course. Focused and unwavering, they are determined to accomplish their goal and they will hold fast through adversity and opposition. Resolute leaders are steadfast, reliable, and loyal.


BIG-PICTURE THINKER - maintaining a broad, overall view of an issue or situation; considerate of long-term outcomes and far-reaching consequences; perceptive, pragmatic. 

Shortsighted leaders who focus too narrowly on an issue or situation and fail to consider the big picture very quickly lead themselves and their organizations into trouble. In contrast, big-picture thinkers consistently maintain a broad overall view and are able to perceive and focus on long-term results and consequences. While they cannot predict every possible outcome, leaders who consider the big picture weigh their decisions carefully and value long-term success more than immediate results.

“Leadership to me means duty… it means character, and it means listening.” 


“One of my proudest moments is I didn’t sell my soul for the sake of popularity.” 


“We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter, and we will not fail. Peace and freedom will prevail.”


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George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum




OPENED: May 1, 2013


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